Vape In The Media

We are sure you have been hearing about the recent negative media surrounding the vape industry.


As our valued customer, we believe it’s important to be as transparent as possible with you as we navigate this challenge together.   


While we do not profess to have all the answers for you, we are committed to keep the communication lines open on this topic and direct you to any relevant information.


Media in the US


There have been numerous suspected cases around vaping related illness in the US recently.


What has been communicated so far is that THC (Tetrahyrocannabinol - the ingredient that produces marijuana’s high) and other unregulated substances have been found to a be a common thread in most cases.


Vitamin E acetate has also been heavily linked to these illnesses and is currently under investigation by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)



What are we doing with the Information we currently have?


Our strong belief is that the Vape Industry needs to be regulated. There are many black market traders in the industry that are letting our industry down and compromising the health of our community.


We are absolutely committed to lead the charge on this and enter into our own aggressive self-regulation phase.


While we are proud of our quality and partnerships, we do not intend to be complacent and will be reviewing our whole range.


The quality of our juice has been important to us, so we are already currently partnered with international juice companies that are FDA approved. Locally, we are aligned with reputable, clean factories already doing their own self-regulation to FDA standards.



While we wait for more answers….


All we can do is educate ourselves as a community.


We would encourage you to not be thrown by ‘Click bait’ headlines but instead read the ‘whole’ article to arm yourself with all the information on offer.


Please continue to purchase with us in confidence that we are not about sourcing the cheapest items in the market but rather from the most reputable controlled sources available as we seek to forge our self regulation to the highest standard


Thanks for your continued support,


Vape Square Team