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Humble Juice Co. - Ice Dragonfly

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Flavour: Watermelon, Honeydew, Menthol Profile: Keep your eyes away from these two melons. Sorry, that was too COLD. They're just fruit. And they're really delicious fruit. Humble does it again with another outstanding melon flavour that will have you frothing at the mouth for the rest of your days. And of course, that refreshing and breathtaking icy menthol smash. PS: This does not contain real dragonfly, but it might make you feel like one. 60mL / 80VG 20PG / 0% Nicotine / Natural & Artificial Ingredients ???? Made in the USA ???? WARNING: This is not a food; do not ingest. For use only in e-cigarettes. ------------------------------------------------------------ Humble Juice was born from the single idea that hardworking, honest people can make high-quality juice at an affordable price. Made by the hardworking, for the hardworking. No flashy marketing. No hidden corner-cutting. Just the purest, vaping experience on the market at a price everyone can appreciate. Humble Juice Co. diligently work to develop and craft several flavour profiles. Through a rigorous processes with a group of people who care deeply about our products, their flavors are tested and re-tested. Only the best of their flavour profiles are selected and sent to a group of individuals for multiple tastings and final selections. The most important detail of this process is that they have secured partnerships with elected producers of the highest quality ingredients and operations available. Once our product is fully mixed, each batch is tested for purity and taste before being sent in for bottling. Once this lengthy process is complete, and all standards have been met, they finally release their authentic, finished products to the market. Humble Juice Co. choose to be defined by the idea that they will stay humble and work harder than the competition.
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