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VapeSq Lounge

Adelaide Welcomes New Vaping Venture, VapeSq Lounge, an Exciting Australian First

The trend that has been sweeping overseas has finally descended on South Australia with Charles Street Plaza’s latest offering, VapeSq Lounge. With a growing industry and high consumer demand, VapeSq Lounge has been developed as Adelaide’s newest vaping experience, providing vape lovers with a dynamic, world-class vape venue.

VapeSq joins over 140 stores in the company’s portfolio. The venture signals a new direction for the brand and boasts a wall of over 1,000 international and local e-juices, Australia’s first VapeDex tester units and a dedicated onsite mix lab.

For the opening of the VapeSq lounge the company partnered with local construction and design teams to bring this revolutionary concept to life.

VapeSq Lounge will provide the South Australian vaping community an experience like no other, with unique first-to-market features. Conveniently located in the heart of the CBD, VapeSq Lounge’s custom-built site will feature a wall of 1,000 flavoured e-juices – the largest offering in Australia – with an expansive mix of locally and internationally sourced collections plus unique hardware from all over the globe.

This new venture will see Australia’s first Vapedex tester units where, from a push of a button, customers can immerse themselves in a flavour explosion with different e-juices from around the world. Clients will be able to sample a selection of vape varieties at the tester station before selecting their favourites from the onsite store.

VapeSq Lounge also houses the very first e-juice mix lab, where specialised onsite mixologists will blend a range of flavours allowing customers to create their own personalised e-juice flavours.

With free WiFi, an onsite café, charging and cleaning stations and an experienced crew, VapeSq Lounge will cater to even the most discerning vaper.

VapeSq Lounge opened on Thursday, 6th December at 17 Charles Street Plaza, Adelaide.